Workshops for a Healthy Work Culture

It is everyone’s job to create a healthy work culture. Our online and live workshops are designed to meet the needs of any organization. Steve provides online webinars from one to four hours. His live, in-person programs run from one, two, or three hours, half-days, or a full day. Keynote speeches are priced at a flat fee. Travel expenses are billed at cost. Steve’s consulting rates are based on a half or full-day rate, plus travel. His coaching rates are based on an hourly rate.


Our training programs are customized to match the length and learning needs of the participants:

  • Tools for Tense Situations: Dealing With Difficult or Angry Customers or Taxpayers (two hours).
  • Workplace Violence Prevention for Supervisors (two to four hours).
  • Workplace Violence Awareness for Employees (two hours).
  • Threat Assessment Team Training (one to two days).
  • The Library & Safety Security / Challenging Patron Workshop (half or full-day program for all library employees).
  • Harassment Prevention for Supervisors (two hours; meets the every-two-years California AB 1825 mandatory training requirements for managers and supervisors).
  • Our Respectful Workplace: Diversity Awareness for Employees (two hours).
  • Substance Abuse Awareness in the Workplace (two hours).
  • Substance Abuse Prevention Requirements for Safety-Sensitive Employees (three hours).
  • Coaching Skills for Supervisors: Improving Employee Performance and Behavior (half day).
  • Painless Business Writing: Write Faster and Easier at Work (half-day).
  • Team-Building and Team Communications (two to three hours).
  • The Stress Management Workshop (two to three hours).
  • Stress Management for First-Responders: Police, Fire, and Dispatcher Support (half-day).
  • Added Value Negotiating (half-day to two days).
  • Dr. Karl Albrecht’s Mindex Thinking Styles Seminar (half-day).
  • Dr. Karl Albrecht’s High-Speed Problem-Solving Seminar (half-day).
  • Dr. Karl Albrecht’s Service Leadership: Managing for Excellence (half-day).
  • Dr. Karl Albrecht’s Code Of Quality Service (half-day).
  • DBM “I-SPEAK Your Language”: Communication Styles Effectiveness (half-day).
  • Site Security Surveys / Site Vulnerability Assessments (hourly rates, based on facility size).
  • Employee Threat Assessment, Violence Risk Assessment, and Threat Management Team Support Services (hourly rates).
  • Manager or Employee Corrective or Developmental Coaching Sessions (hourly rates).
  • Anger Management / Anger Mastery Sessions (hourly rates, plus workbook).

A Note About Steve’s Training Formats:

Each class is flexible on content and length (and the training fee, in some cases). There are no class size limits, as long as the room is comfortable for the participants, the more the better. For the room orientation, Steve usually prefers five to ten people at round tables, but classroom rows or horseshoe style is fine too. (Rows of chairs with no table tops is his least favorite; people need a place to sit and write comfortably.) Steve can either use your AV equipment or will provide his own laptop, projector, and speakers. He usually only needs a screen, house sound, and for some classes, an easel pad and/or Internet access. He rarely needs a microphone, unless in your judgement, it’s necessary because of the room design. Steve provides you with the handout masters, as either slide copies or cheat sheets. For some subjects, he can distribute copies of your policies as well.

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