“We appreciated your great speaking style and the incredible amount of information you provided.”
“Steve is an outstanding facilitator as well as a trainer.”

“Thank you, Steve, for your guidance and for sharing your vast experience in your areas.”

“Steve, I continue to get great comments and positive references to your training. It keeps coming up because people are incorporating it into their thoughts and actions.”

“Informative, well organized, and presented well.”

“Steve’s session at the conference was very well done and the best I attended.”

“The feedback from our employees who attended Steve’s training was excellent.”

“We felt empowered and energized following Steve’s seminar during our in-service training day.”

“Steve is an excellent speaker. He knows his stuff.”

“By far the best session I’ve attended. Steve gave us excellent practical info clearly based on credible experience.”

“Great session! Steve is a knowledgeable speaker with real world experience.”

“Wow! Very interesting and informative.”

“Steve is very informative with an easy style. He referenced relevant and dramatic case studies and his use of video and images was engaging.”

“Steve is an excellent subject matter expert.”

“Steve’s was one of the best presentations I have seen in the past six conferences I attended.”

“Your presentation was timely and well done. I will forward my recommendation of you and your session to a nearby agency who’ve asked for my feedback.”

“Steve could talk all day and we’d stay! Kudos!”

Dr. Steve Albrecht, PHR, CPP, BCC, CTM