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Stress Management in 11 Minutes, Led By Dr. Steve

Police Stress Stopper
This 35-minute stress management audio program was developed and narrated by Paul Kincade, a forensic hypnotist with a long background supporting cops. It features a 20-minute relaxation exercise that will help you deal with the personal and professional stressors all law enforcement officers face.


tactical concealed carry cover
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Paperback Books Signed By Steve Albrecht

Patrol Cop
Surviving Street Patrol
Added Value Negotiating
Fear and Violence on the Job
Library Security
Tactical Perfection for Street Cops

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Patrol Cop: Better, Safer, Smarter Field Work in Law Enforcement at $20 each
Surviving Street Patrol: The Officer's Guide to Safe and Effective Policing at $20 each
Added Value Negotiating: The Breakthrough Method for Building Balanced Deals at $10 each
Fear and Violence on the Job: Prevention Solutions of the Dangerous Workplace at $10 each
Library Security: Better Communications, Safer Facilities at $45 each
Tactical Perfection for Street Cops: Survival Tactics for Field Contacts, Dangerous Calls and Special Arrests at $20 each

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Dr. Steve Albrecht, PHR, CPP, BCC, CTM